Black Music Art - 6 
Before the Gig    
by Dane Tilghman       
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Framed:  32" X 26" - $350.00

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 He was a true latch key kid, spending most of his time in the streets. He grew up next to a welfare hotel, which was a home for drug addicts, the mentally ill and many other interesting characters that would later appear in his paintings. 

Bua was fascinated by the raw, visceral Manhattan street life and found himself spending most of his time hanging out at places like Rock Steady Park and the Douglas Projects. These environments inspired many paintings, for example, RISING is a painting that exemplifies the poetic struggle to rise above the insurmountable stigma of the projects," says Bua.  Justin Bua teaches Figure Drawing in the Fine Arts Department at the University of Southern California (USC) and lives in Los Angeles, CA.
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Justin Bua.
Justin Bua was born in 1968 and grew up in New York City's untamed, upper-west side and was raised by a single working mom.
Dane Tilghman
Tilghman has taken his artwork towards new dimensions. He has gone from realism to stylish combination, incorporating his own interpretations of surrealism and primitive elongation. 
Over the years, he has established himself as one of the premier painters of African American Golf Art and Negro League Baseball images.

Dane's work has also been presented to various notables such as Dave Winfield, Ozzie Davis, Nelson Mandela, William Cosby, Luster Products Corporation, Nabisco Corporation and Southco to name a few. He was commissioned by the 100 Black Men of American to complete their annual poster in 2000. 
Dancing for the Lord
by Bernard Hoyes    
Signed Open Edition 
Print: 31.5" X 22" - $100.00

Bernard Stanley Hoyes was born in Kingston, Jamaica. 
From the early age of nine his mother sold his wood carvings and watercolors to visitors to the Tourist Board in Kingston to help maintain the household and support his creative efforts.

Infused with strong primary colors and painted intuitively, his work dramatically captures the mysticism and majesty of the religion. We are offered a bird’s eye view of the spectacle of bodies caught in spirit possession, the ceremonial rituals and gestures - a rare anthropological treat.
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Please Note:  Framing price includes print, glass and matting.
by Frank Morrison
Open Edition 
24” X 36” - $45.00 - print
24" X 36" Wood frame: $294.00
24" X 36" Metal frame: $284.00

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Piano Man II  
by Justin Bua
Open Edition 
Print: 36" X 24" - $50.00
Black Wood Frame: 36" X 24" - $399.00
Cherry Wood Frame: 36" X 24" - $425.00

Bluez Man II
by cbabi bayoc
Open Edition
32" X 24" - print: $45.00
36" X 28" - wood frame: - $350.00
36" X 28" - metal frame: $340.00

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