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We specialize in black art and African American art.  We also sell canvas
transfers, black family art, and black love art.​  To place your order, 
just click the drop down menu located at "add to cart" and select print for unframed art or select the color fame you would like.  Go to PayPal and pay for your order.  If you have questions, please call.  If you order more than three prints, call to save on shipping. If you prefer another color frame, let us know.

african american music prints
black love art
Beautiful Christian prints...
Sensuous Whisper
by Jay Bakari
Open Edition Print
23" X 32" - print - $50.00
​27" X 36" - wood frame: $385.00

Forever My Queen
by Jay Bakari
Open Edition Print
23" X 29" - unframed print - $50.00
22" X 28" - cherry wood frame: $380.00

print or framed
print or framed
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HomeLove ArtReligiousFamilyMusicJames LovelessFigurinesPortraitsWestern ArtWAK

They pride themselves on providing good customer service and they are ready and willing to answer any questions you may have.   
Loveless Galleries
to order at:
Custom Framing
Prints come framed and unframed, and includes the print, glass, matt and shipping fees. 
International fees.

If the color choices are not your pleasure, give us a call and we can design, the mat and frame to fit your decor or gift ideas.

The Nelson's by James Loveless 36” X 24” 
Praying Hands
by Hulis Mavruk
Open Edition 
22" X 28" - print: $35.00
26" X 36" - wood frame: $235.00

Print or Framed
Click your choice of art prints by subject below 
and purchase using our secure shopping carts.
Click "Buy Now" to purchase the print and Click "Order Now" to purchase art framed.  Framed price includes, the print, frame, mat and plexi-glass.  You can order by phone too at: 817-841-7625!
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Customer Reviews!
Believe Tree
Giclee' print
21" X 17" - $66.50

Together We Give Thanks
by Katherine Roundtree
24" X 32" Paper Print:  $85.00 - (Only 1 In Stock)
28" X 36" Wood Frame: $399.00
24" X 32" - Giclee' Print: $500.00
​24" X 32" - Wood Frame: $745.00
This print would look stunning in your living room. The detail by artist Katherine Roundtree
 is flawless.
print or Framed
Their Nightly Prayers
by Alan & Aaron Hicks
Open Edition 
16" X 12" - print: $40.00
20" X 16" - wood frame: $235.00

Print or Framed
You Are Witnesses
by James Loveless, Jr.
Limited Edition/850
Canvas Giclee
Signed & Numbered
32" X 16" - giclee': $380.00 
32" X 16" - wood frame: $735.00

Giclee' or Framed
Faithful Touch
by James Loveless, Jr.
Limited Edition/2500 
Canvas Giclee
Signed & Numbered
28" X 22" - giclee': $350.00
28" X 22" - wood frame: $575.00
Holy Spirit
by James Loveless, Jr.
Limited Edition/850 
Canvas Giclee
Signed & Numbered
22" X 28" - giclee': $350
22" X 28" - wood frame: $575
Giclee' or Framed
Giclee' or Framed
Print by James Loveless Jr.
CALL IN ORDERS AT - 817-841-7625
Call-In Orders or Use Our Secure Shopping Carts to Place Your Order!
"Buy Now" Bill Me Later PayPal Payment Option Also Available

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Order your prints then call to pay for your framing: 817-841-7625.   
by Edwin Lester
Limited Edition print
32” X 32" - print - $350.00
36" X 36" - wood frame:  $835.00

Framing presentation includes the limited edition print, two suede mats and wood frame.

Please Call for Availability

Giclee' or Framed
Step Out on Love (Faith) male/female
by WAK
Open Edition print - $45.00
36" X 24” - wood frame: $294.00

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man and woman walking on water
Soul Food Feast
by Katherine Roundtree
36" X 24" Paper Print:  $55.00 - (Only 2 in Stock)
36" X 24" Wood Frame: $294.00
36" X 24" - Giclee' Print: $500.00
​36" X 24" - Wood Frame: $745.00
print or Framed
James Loveless can paint an original portrait from your photographs.  Click here for portraits. It is easy and affordable - you can order a custom framed oil portrait with an original background.  That's right,  this makes a fantastic surprise gift for a loved on. If your children never met their grandparents, we can paint the kids in a portrait with them!  All we need are the photographs.  Loveless can create a design that will fit an original concept!!  Call now: 817-841-7625.​  It's really unbelievable!
We Paint Original Oil Portraits!
Rebuilding the Black Family - NEW
by WAK
Limited Edition print (767) - $250.00 - 26" X 26"

Wood Frame:  30" X 30” - $399.00

Print or Framed
Muhammed Ali: Power, Magnetism, Personality
Open Edition 
20" X 24" - print: $40.00
24" X 28" - wood frame: $180.00

Print or Framed
Believe Tree
Giclee' print
21" X 17" - $66.50