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The Centurion by James Loveless.  Call now for portrait quotes:  817-841-7625
Let's Make Music Forever (Bronze) Statue (Also available in Silver.)

Two hands, two hearts and souls, "joined forever with this ring." This statue makes a perfect gift for newlyweds or couples renewing their vows. 
Resin with rose accents. 
9" w x 8 1/2" h x 4" d  

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girl playing violin
Melody from Heaven
by Henry Battle
Open Edition print -36" X 24" -  $45.00
36" X 24” -  wood frame: $294.00
3​6" X 24" -  metal frame: $284.00
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New ~
A Child Is Born
by James Loveless, Jr.
Limited Edition/850 
Canvas Giclee
Signed & Numbered
22" X 28" - print: $230.00
Morning Choir
by James Loveless, Jr
Open Edition 
8" X 10" - print: $25.00
11" X 14" - framed: $65.00
Also Available Framed
Wrapped In the Arms of Heaven
by Tony Taylor   
Open Edition
18" X 22”  - print size - $40.00
22" X 26" - wood frame - $225.00
22" X 26" - metal frame - $215.00

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You have a choice of purchasing the print framed or unframed.  The first price is the print price and the wood frame is the framing price.
Many of you may not know that James wants to paint all of the people that were involved in the development of the United States.  He wants to express something greater than aesthetic beauty alone and reflect the aspirations of all Americans that have contributed to make this country one of the greatest ever.  Woman, Native Americans, African Americans and Mexican Americans.  All donations are tax deductible and you would allow James to create three large-format paintings that show real environments in the west that have historical clothing and depict real ancestors.  Please allow him to reveal the gems of history that have been forgotten or disguised by the fables of Hollywood. Please click here to view the video that reveals the program description and use of funds.  Please CLICK HERE TO DONATE!  Thank you.  The committee to support James Loveless in this artistic historical endeavor.  Donation Deadline: Friday, December 26, 2014.

Artist, James Loveless has a "new" project: Historical Western Art of the Old West and Needs Your Support

Loveless Galleries International sells beautiful open edition, limited edition prints, abstract and figurines.  We specialize in selling black love art We also sell framed prints and offer "free" layaway to ensure you get what you want.  We accept your photographs and paint original oil portraits; the cost is only $9.00 per square inch.  Before you purchase any limited edition print please call first to make sure it is available.  
If you need any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us at: 817-841-7625. You can purchase here securely 24/7!
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Courtney Loveless
Courtney Loveless
Courtney Loveless, artist of Be Still is a dynamic artist, vocalist, model and 
chemical engineer!  

The daughter of proud father, James Loveless"Courtney has a style all her own!  We are so proud of her many gifts and talents!  Loveless Galleries is honored to make this print available to you.
Into the Night
Open Edition 

54.33” X 18.9” - print - $99.00
​Purchase print first, then click to purchase a canvas transfer

​31.5" X 12" - print - $49.99

Please call for framing pricing.
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Be Still by Courtney Loveless
20" X 16” - print - $65.00
24" X 20" - black wood frame -  $265.00
24" X 20" - black metal frame - $285.00

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Size Choice
by Edwin Lester
Limited Edition
28" X 28" 
Limited Edition print $350.00
Wood Frame:  $731.00
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Together We Give Thanks 
by Katherine Roundtree
Open Edition 
31" X 23" - print: $45.00
35” X 27” - wood frame: $294.00
35" X 27" - metal frame: $284.00

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Deep Gallery Wrap 
(sides unpainted)
 Deep Gallery Wrap 
(sides painted)
Museum Wrap 
(sides painted)
Museum Wrap 
(sides unpainted)
by Fred Mathews  
Open Edition print - $45.00
24” X 36” - wood frame: $294.00
24" X 36" - metal frame: $284.00

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African Lillies
by WAK
L:mited Edition/850
25.5" X 27" - print - $175.00
31" X 29.5" - wood frame: $595.00

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