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Let's Make Music Forever
Two hands, two hearts and souls, "joined forever with this ring." 
9" w x 8 1/2" h x 4" d  
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A Child Is Born
by James Loveless, Jr.
Limited Edition/850 
Canvas Giclee
Signed & Numbered
22" X 28" - print: $230.00

We sell beautiful open and limited edition prints, abstract prints 
and figurines.  We specialize in selling black love art 

We also sell framed prints and offer "free" layaway to ensure you get what you want.  Before you purchase any limited edition print please call first to make sure it is available.  If you need any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us at: 817-841-7625. Your purchases are secure!
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 Be Still by Courtney Loveless
Courtney Loveless, artist of Be Still is a dynamic artist, vocalist, model and 
chemical engineer!  

The daughter of James Loveless"Courtney has a style all her own!  We are so proud of  her!"  Loveless Galleries is honored to make this print available for you.
Into the Night
Open Edition 

54.33” X 18.9” - print - $149.99
54.33" X 18.9" - canvas transfer -  (rolled, sides unpainted) - $399.00
54.33" X 18.9" - canvas transfer with stretchers - (sides painted black) - $529.00

Be Still by Courtney Loveless
20" X 16” - print - $65.00
24" X 20" - black wood frame -  $265.00
24" X 20" - black metal frame - $285.00

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 Deep Gallery Wrap 
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Museum Wrap 
(sides unpainted)
 Courtney Loveless
Women, African Americans and Mexican Americans have all contributed to the greatness of America.  Let's reveal the gems of history that have been forgotten or disguised by the fables of Hollywood. No donation is too small or too large and all are tax deductible.
Buffalo soldiers are just one aspect of hidden black history. 

Help reveal more.
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Art makes a great
New ~
Canvas Options:
Cherishing the Moment
by Fred Mathews
Open Edition print  - $45.00 - 36" X 24"
36" X 24” - wood frame:  $294.00
36" X 24" - metal frame: $284.00
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Dreaming of You
Open Edition print  - $149.99 - 30" X 20"
34" X 24” - wood frame:  $389.99
34" X 24" - metal frame: $369.99
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Power of Man and Woman (Combo)
by WAK 
Open Edition print
12” X 36”  - print - $40.00
​16" X 40" - wood frame: $380.00
16" X 40" - metal frame: $370.00

Click here to see framed sample
 of Power of Man and Woman 
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Michaelangelo Bronze Statue
19 3/4" wide X 13 1/4" high

Like a study of the human form from Michelangelo, this bronzetone statue will inspire wonder at man's remarkable physique while serving as a dramatic focal point. 


Blessed & Highly Favored Canvas print
A beautiful reminder of God's love and blessings, Carl M. Crawford's work depicts the energy and joy of a pair of praise dancers. Canvas print on wood frame is 16" w x 20" h x 1" d.​
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Sunday Morning Woman Canvas print
Honoring the profound faith and strength of women, this artwork by J.A.Y. portrays three ladies in their church finery. Screen-print on canvas on wood frame. 20" w x 16" h x 1" d.
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The purpose of my artwork is to create images that are beautiful and historical. My focus is to display Christian, family values and reveal the truth by reflecting historical facts. I enjoy the play of light and color in nature and it shows in my paintings. 
I have relished drawing and painting people since my grade school days. 

I have chosen western art because of the influence of my grandfather. He was a cowboy, horse trainer and rancher in Fayetteville, Arkansas. My grandmother was half-Cherokee and half-African American. I remember, when I was a little boy, riding horses and traveling to see my grandfather in rodeos in Oklahoma and Arkansas; it was an awesome experience.

Artist Statement of 
James Loveless Jr.

Currently, I am researching the history of Native American and African American relationships in the old west. My goal is to have my paintings auctioned successfully at the Coeur d' Alene in Reno, Nevada.

I work in oil paint for several different reasons; I am familiar with this medium and it is very flexible to use. I do not want my lack of mastery "of my tools 
of choice” to hinder my artistic or historical message. What I want to say as an artist takes priority over attempting to master a wide variety of media. I want to challenge myself to work more efficiently by reading articles and blogs about different techniques in oil painting and attending workshops.

I hope you enjoy my work!

New ~
Chandelier Art
Opulent but practical, here's a chandelier that requires no extra wiring. It's a screened photo art print with 15 LED "candle flames" against a dark background. Use 2 AA batteries (not included).  23 1/2" sq. x 1" d.
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New ~
Clear Mirrored Butterflies
Place 3-D light-catching butterflies anywhere you like! Mirror finish; clear adhesive on back and sides. Acrylic. 20 butterflies are 2 3/4" l x 2" w x 3/4" d; 5 are 5 1/2" l x 3 1/4" w x 1" d.
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New ~
Virtuous Woman framed
Artist Ronny Myles' series of Virtuous Woman paintings celebrates the women praised in Proverbs 31. This framed print includes the text of verse 10: "Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies." 16 1/2" sq. x 2" d.
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New ~
Cityscape Bridge (three-piece)
The bridge is lit by 10 LED lights. Photographic canvas with wood backing. Uses 2 AA batteries (not included). 23 3/4" sq. x 1 1/4" d each.
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Two hands and two hearts joined together create beauty that's irresistible to behold. This stirring sculpture captures this sentiment perfectly. Frosted cast resin hands and double-heart base with faceted heart "gem." 
Dimensions: 7" w x 6 1/4" h x 4 1/4" d

New ~ Floating Hands
by Edwin Lester
Limited Edition
28" X 28" - print - $350.00
32" X 32" - frame size - $731.00

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New ~
Imagine this beautiful print in your home.....

Relax, I Got You!
by Andrew Nichols
24" X 18”  - print - $40.00
24" X 18" - canvas - $175.00
24" X 18" - canvas w/stretchers - $238.00
28" X 22" - wood frame/2 mats - $285.00

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