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We specialize in black art and African American art.  We also sell 
beautiful black love artblack family artframed art and canvas transfers 

Before you purchase any limited edition print please call first to make sure it is available.  If you need any assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us at: 817-841-7625. Your purchases are secure!
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Blessed & Highly Favored Canvas print
A beautiful reminder of God's love and blessings, Carl M. Crawford's work depicts the energy and joy of a pair of praise dancers. Canvas print on wood frame is 16" w x 20" h x 1" d.​
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Time Well Spent (Female) - LG0001
by Henry Battle
Open Edition, 36" x 24"
Paper print - $50.00
Canvas rolled - $279.98
Canvas to Hang - $369.98
Canvas w/wood frame: $519.00

Canvas Or Frame
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Descent from the Cross - LG0007
by Tim Ashkar Open Edition, 24" x 36"
Paper print - $45.00
Canvas rolled - $279.98
Canvas to Hang - $369.98
Canvas w/wood frame: $519.00
Restored - LG0008
by Edwin Lester, Limited Edition/850
28" x 28"
Paper print - $350.00
Canvas rolled - $528.99
Canvas to Hang - $598.99
Canvas w/wood frame: $798.99
 32" x 32"
Canvas Or Frame
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Street Lights 
by Frank Morrison
Original Sold

woman leaning
La Seductive - LG0009
Open Edition print
12” x 36”  - print - $45.00
12" x 36" -  canvas rolled - $279.98
12" x 36" -  canvas to hang - $369.98
16" x 40" - canvas w/wood frame - $525.00​

Canvas Or Frame
Made 4 Each Other
by WAK  
Open Edition print
20" X 34" - print: $45.00
24" X 36" - wood frame: $294.00
24" X 36" - metal frame: $284.00
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Wrapped In the Arms of Heaven
by Tony Taylor   
Open Edition
18" X 22”  - print size - $40.00
22" X 26" - wood frame - $225.00
22" X 26" - metal frame - $215.00

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by Keith Mallett    
Open Edition 
12" X 15" - print: $25.00
18.25" X 22.25" - $265.00
 black wood frame, two mats​

Canvas Or Frame
Together We Give Thanks 
by Katherine Roundtree
Paper Print: 39" X 27" - $70.00
Canvas Print Rolled: 39" X 27" - 348.99
Canvas Ready to Hang: 39" X 27" - $458.99
Print or canvas
Male version available too!
The Rose
by Merryl Jaye
Open Edition - Signed by the artist
38" X 28” - paper print: $115.00
38" X 28" - rolled canvas print: $395.00
38" X 28" - ready to hang canvas with stretchers

Only two in stock!  Call for availability.

Print or Canvas
The Beauty of Color
by Tim Ashkar
Open Edition print
29” X 25.5” – Large Print: $45.00
16" X 13.78" - Small Print: $30.00
8.5" X 6.5" - Mini Print: $20.00

Various Sizes
Samson: "The Bondage Breaker"
by Garret Walker
Open Edition print
18" X 14” (Image) 20" X 16" with border - print - $45.00
22" X 18" - framed - $185.00

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